My voice is an instrument. But to use it far beyond is what excites me. A voice can reach into another human’s heart. It stirs up memories. Inspires fantasies. Intensifies emotions. Studying music in Berlin at the Hanns Eisler helped me mastering my instrument with ease. But a voice is ever changing. New colours come to light every day. Colours to chant a song. Move a heart. Touch a soul.


°1984 born  in Berlin

°2004 – 2009 studies @  academy of music „Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin

°2009 musicalproduction „Spring Awakening“ @ “Ronacher” in Vienna (part: „Ilse“)

°2011 vocal coach @ „Neue Musikschule Bernau“

°2011 – 2012 musicalproduction „Come Together On Abbey Road“ @ “Nationaltheater Mannheim”

°2013/02 foundation „ONAIR“

°2013/03 foundation „trio Rosenrot“

°2013 1st prize with ONAIR @ international a cappella competition „AAFV“ in Aarhus, Denmark

°2013 1st prize with ONAIR @  international a cappella competition „vokal.total“ in Graz, Austria

°2014 1st prize with ONAIR @ „Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg“

°2014 1st prize with ONAIR at „TCMC – Taiwan International Vocal Festival“

°2014/05 concerts and workshops with trio Rosenrot at „folkBATICA Festival“

°2015 1st prize with ONAIR @ Tampere Vocal Music Festival, Finland

°2015  ONAIR got awarded  for best european a cappella album (“MOON”) and best a cappella song in rock/pop  (“WOLF AND I”) by Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB), USA.

°2018 1st prize with ONAIR @ Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival, Russia

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